Three Golden Rules of Branding
Monopoly board to represent rules of branding

Good branding is both an art and a science; you may be surprised at how much work goes into it. Protecting, nurturing and developing your brand are crucial for your organisation’s survival. So, below are my three golden rules for building and maintaining a strong, coherent brand, with examples of how, when you get it […]

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Edinburgh Networking: Communicators for Social Good
People networking

Really excited to announce a new networking event for marketing and communications professionals (or those who have this as part of their role) working in charities, social enterprises or voluntary organisations in Edinburgh. When: 6pm, Thursday 14 September 2017 Where: The Washbar, Edinburgh Sign up: via Eventbrite Why: A wee group of us felt there was […]

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3 free digital marketing tools every business should use
Free Digital Marketing Tools

Having been on three digital marketing courses in the past two weeks (because even seasoned marketers need to keep up with digital trends!), I’ve found some super useful, free online tools out there that more SMEs, charities and social enterprises should take advantage of. My top three are listed below. Sign up to my e-newsletter for […]

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The Marketing Audit: the first step to marketing success!
Marketing Audit First Step

Many people I speak to have heard of a marketing strategy, but never a marketing audit. This article explains what a marketing audit is, and why it is invaluable to your organisation. I’ll take you through the process step by step, decode the (copious amount of) jargon involved, and show you how the outcomes of […]

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