Our Work: Anarkik3D Strategy

Creating a Marketing Strategy for the Release of Anarkik3D’s Latest Design Software

The Client

Anarkik3D is an innovative software company specialising in ‘haptics’ – 3D virtual touch – for artists and designer makers. Anarkik3D’s product allows its users to design beautiful 3D printed work and truly feel their way around their virtual object. Very cool stuff!

The Objective

To develop a marketing strategy to support the release of Anarkik3D’s latest software update, v3.1.

The Project

Strategy created for Anarkik3D softwareFirstly, we led Anarkik3D through a bespoke branding and marketing workshop to develop the brand and understand its product, customers and distribution channels. Using the outputs of this workshop, Roseberry Marketing compiled a branding brief: a document to guide all future marketing and design activity, ensuring the three golden rules of branding could be followed.

A social media audit was undertaken and a list of recommendations provided to improve the effectiveness of each channel.

Roseberry Marketing then developed a comprehensive marketing strategy and plan for the release of Anarkik3D Design v3.1. This included a realistic budget, timeline and evaluation procedure.

The client then requested copywriting and design support to produce a beautiful trifold leaflet (suggested in our marketing plan) to distribute at key events and exhibitions.

It was an absolute joy to spend time in the fascinating world of 3D printed art with such a creative and inspirational client!

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